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Possibly insane Brompton tour in France, summer 2018.

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by chriscross1966, 8 Jan 2017.

  1. chriscross1966

    chriscross1966 Well-Known Member

    OK folks, this might be a rambling stream of consciousness post... Normally my summer revolves around working at the Glastonbury festival and it sort of squats there like a freshly calved ice shelf off Antarctica... However it is a fallow year in 2018, so I will have a spare couple of weeks of leave to play with.... So I'm planning on doing some touring in France... As I'm a glutton for punishment my plan is to get myself to Luzenac station and climb Ax 3 Domaines, cycle and train to Sault with a diversion via Montsegur and then climb Ventoux, then train and bike to somewhere near Grenoble I guess and then up Alpe d'Huez... I'll be on a heavily modified Brompton (11-speed, anything that can be carbon or titanium will be). Planning on camping, but the climbs will be luggage free barring gels, drinks and a puncture fixing toolkit. Assuming out and back travel take a day each I will have nine days to play with. Given my commute is getting a chunk longer soon, so I should be decently fit, is this likely to kill me given I'll be 52 when it happens.
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  2. alicat

    alicat Guru

    It depends in part how well your Brompton fits you. I took mine on a club run once and found I was being dropped by snails on the climbs. To make it worse, after 20 miles I had to get off and walk for a while to relieve a pain in my groin.

    Others seem to like touring on Bromptons but it doesn't suit me.
  3. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    Do it. I would.

    I've ridden my loaded B up and over some pretty steep hills and like any other bike, practice and time in the saddle makes perfect. I've also done a 100 miler without comfort issues on the B too.

    54 in a couple of weeks.

    Where I find the B a pain is on Oxfordshire unbelievably poor road surfaces, but that is generally not an issue in France.

  4. The great thing about riding a Brompton for any distance over 10 miles is that people find it exceedingly impressive, and say things like "Wow! You rode all the way to Brighton* ... on a Brompton!. But it's only got little wheels!! You must be really fit!".

    This is a cue for you look modest and say "oh, it was nothing, really".

    * Other amazingly impressive destinations are available.
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  5. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    This^^^^ in spades!

    Oh, and pedalling past people pushing 3k's worth of CF up Ditchling Beacon....
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  6. OP

    chriscross1966 Well-Known Member

    My Brompton will soon BE 3K's worth of CF.... well CF+Titanium...
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