Post a lie about the poster above.


Vice Admiral
Rocky and Mort often decide to absquatulate.


She's the cats pajamas
County Durham
Rockys best friend is a hairless cat called snuglypuss

Mad Doug Biker

Bikeoholics Anonymous
Craggy Island
MDB is actually the ring leader of a Hungarian pencil stealing mafia. At this very moment he is staging a coup d’etat to bring down uni-ball.

I found a Staetler School Pencil in the street the other day! :blush:

The goose buys cheap socks
When she was young, Luckyfox had to be taken to A&E once after someone told her to 'put a sock in it'.
It was never made public exactly where she'd put them, but seeing as more than one fitted, she just filled herself up!!
They had to work them out with a pencil, and she's never quite been the same since, especially with the way she walks.

The pencil mysteriously went missing soon afterwards incidentally......
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