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Mine does this too, is is a breed thing or do other dogs do it?
I’ve got three and only two do it, they’ve got the same father, he’s longer in the back than them though. Who knows, none are wired up right:laugh:
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The feline overlords chez Casa Reynard - Lexi on the left, Poppy on the right - waiting for their steak.

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P.S. Apologies for the "alien cat from outer space" look - it was a grab shot.
Steak! :ohmy: I won’t be mentioning that to Molly :laugh:
I was about to make a slice of toast for my supper and had taken the lid off the Flora ready to spread it, but nipped to the loo while the toast was in the toaster. Back to the kitchen and Molly is licking the Flora out of the tub.

Lexi will lick the butter or try to snag a sneaky drink from the milk jug. Poppy will steal cheese if given half a chance. :blush:
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