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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Matthew_T, 2 Jun 2012.

  1. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Time for an updated pic of Idris:


    The photo is with my sister on a recent trip on the Severn Valley Railway. Idris was really good and took the motion of the carriage and the sounds of the steam engines in his stride.

    My comments about biting earlier in the thread were somewhat premature and he can be a little monster at times. I am so glad that he is losing his puppy teeth now! The canines look like being the last to come through - I shan't miss the needle-like ones he has at the moment.:headshake:
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  2. Reynard

    Reynard Guru

    Cambridgeshire, UK
    This too ^^^

    If you go down the rescue route, there are always cats looking for indoor only homes. Some, because that's what they've always been used to, but others because it's better for them e.g. they may be deaf (a friend has the most delightful odd-eyed white girl who is as deaf as a post but is the best lap cat ever) or they may have FIV or something of that ilk. A special needs kitty is just as rewarding as any other cat - sometimes more so.
  3. Mrs M

    Mrs M Guru

    896B2049-8102-4B74-B7A9-F837434360CA.jpeg B08B7DF2-C14F-4B77-A36F-9743D36DC366.jpeg D8BA19A1-C871-4B7D-8C43-66499E8B43F9.jpeg Relaxing with one of my wee pals :wub:
  4. IMG_20190527_130207_1.jpg Six months ago Barney wouldn't come within 100 yards of the trike
  5. Hicky

    Hicky Veteran

    @Rickshaw Phil , gundogs can be very mouthy I’m glad it’s passing, I’m sure the pooch will develop into a wonderful animal.
    My Male was a total di*k for mouthing until he turned 7months then everything fell into place, clean in the house and didn’t bite.
    This is him with son no2 on the canal(The dog completely obeys him and they’re devoted to each other)
    T’other pic is the Ms who the dog occasionally listens to, oh and yes he runs sideways on for some reason

    3B6B901A-9AFC-4019-9544-74CF9BA7BBF3.jpeg BEB3E5C5-FFDF-4692-8372-0E6A91A05A9D.jpeg
  6. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    My Sabor never stopped 'mouthing' with me, he didn't do it to anyone else but he loved gently gnawing me,

    006 (4).jpg
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  7. Hicky

    Hicky Veteran

    Landshark, mouthing unknowns i assume is frowned upon^_^
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  8. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    Aye but he was still a Puppy til he died, he was fantastic with children, never growled at anyone and was my 'little' cohort on many an adventure. He wasn't keen on Busses but loved the Train.
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  9. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    I've had my 'puppy nibbles' this evening from Scott's (next door neighbour) Staffie, only thing is Ruby is 14, still a pup with me though. :becool:
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  10. C R

    C R Über Member

    IMG_20190811_113513361.jpg I think I'm just going to be lazy today.
  11. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    I'm sure you're right. He's strong enough now that he could do real damage if that was what he intended - it's just that the puppy teeth are so sharp and he doesn't get that we don't always want to play rough like he would with another puppy.

    I shouldn't complain really as Rubens was like this too, only he would bite the back of your leg when in the mood which thankfully Idris doesn't do.
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  12. Mine does this too, is is a breed thing or do other dogs do it?
  13. Reynard

    Reynard Guru

    Cambridgeshire, UK

    Nothing more relaxing than a relaxed cat... :blush:
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  14. Hicky

    Hicky Veteran

    I’ve got three and only two do it, they’ve got the same father, he’s longer in the back than them though. Who knows, none are wired up right:laugh:
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  15. Those teeth could do with a brush!

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