Post a touring photo, no explanation needed. Just to help me dream. I’ll kick off.....

That's how many photos you've contributed to this thread, for someone who wants to dream....


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^^ That's from my first ever tour....
My ciggies, lighter, guidebook and camera in the barbag, a jacket and book in the single pannier. The rest of my clothes were carried from hotel to hotel in a van.
I guess that wasn't touring!

There are enough barriers to going on a tour, especially these days. How about not slagging off those that do it differently to you?:banghead:
now now hobbes.
less of the mexican chilli
It's not mandatory to contribute to all threads, or even contribute multiple times.
I can take pics and I can type/write.
But I read/listen more than I type/talk.
My comment on loading was to do with touring pics v day ride pics - not a critique of touring styles.
And on the location - I just like to know (at least roughly) where things are.
Inquisitive sod I suppose.

Am impressed that you have trawled all through this to find I have made one/ONE post on it - have forgotten whatever it may have been - off to try to find it.

edit - cripes -29 pages - I may be some time.




Here for the ride.
Going through some old papers I found some long-forgotten photos, including this one. It dates from May 1985 and I think we were making our way very slowly up the western side of the Col de la Croix Fry:


As on other occasions, I have to apologise for being so improperly dressed. Somehow it seemed OK at the time. :blush:
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