Post brain injury advice

Hello All,
I didn't fall off my bike... I fell down the stairs.
I've been desparate for a bit of normality. I've lost a bit of balance and when I got back on I was a bit wobbly.
Have you any advice on adult stabilisers? I am thinking that's the only way at minute (I ride a 24" bike to work - as it's was all I could afford and you'd have to me small to steal it)

Any advice?
@mickle may have some advice
Please confirm that you have been checked over since the accident ?
Oh, very much so.
CT scan, 2 days in hospital, went back to work and when I couldn't put a sentence together sent home. Under long term rehabilitation people. Neurologist said no riding horses, but no reason I can't do bike. Although,. It was only when I walked into physio people door they clocked balance issue.
No working at minute.

I have to relax (but I am apparently an "active relaxer). So if I can tootle around on bike and re-learn balance and get out. I am hoping that will help.

Any ideas?
Never seen any adult stabilisers. Trike ^^ as already said.

Also - see the quack
Did wonder whether they existed - and if they do (seen internet) whether any use.

Seen many quacks!

Ta anyway ☺


I know the aim is to get out into the fresh air, but have you considered a static turbo trainer? I've had a few broken bones over the last 10 years and I've always started slowly, using the turbo for about a month to get my confidence back and a bit of fitness.

Hope you recover soon.


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My balance is a trifle iffy at times. So since I 2008 I only ride recumbent trikes. I chose recumbent rather than upright trikes because my one and only attempt at riding an upright trike (long before my balance issues) resulted in my tipping off at the first corner. A recumbent trike is really hard to tip over, in 10s of thousands of miles the worst I've done is lift a wheel at high speed. That was easily remedied.
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