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Are the PO allowed to mail political flyers through ones letter box along with the regular mail? All the main party stuff has been hand delivered by their various supporters but this morning mr Postman delivered a rather unsavoury (IMO) BNP leaflet.
Don't think they are - but you could check with your local sorting office.


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Our postie had a Labour leaflet to deliver to every household last week, he wasn't too happy about it, not because of his political views, just the extra workload :becool:


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It's not a case of RM being 'allowed' to deliver these items, they're a legal entitlement for the parties. The BNP somehow get classed as a legitimate political party....


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Yep, Royal Mail are allowed to deliver these political flyers. In addition to the rest of all the mail that has to be delivered. Whether or not your postie supports the leaflets that he is delivering to you, he has to deliver it. Between now and the election he will have to deliver leaflets from virtually every political party.
BTW, i'm a postie myself, and have been since leaving the navy 11 years ago. I have to deliver leaflets of parties that I don't agree with, but I have no choice in the matter. I don't like for a minute, having to deliver unsavoury BNP leaflets, no more than most people like to get them, because I am definitely NO racist, but I have no choice in the matter. Bear in mind that in any delivery office, there will be a scenario where mixed race posties will have to deliver this rubbish, so please have some sympathy for the posties who have to deliver this's not our fault, hope this has explained it for you :becool:
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