Posting a bike?


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Hi all, wasn't sure where to post this. Has anyone had to post a bike and if so, what company did you use?

I am selling two bikes and have been asked about posting one...

Many thanks


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Hi ive used generally very good and start around £22, however dont forget to get the extra insurance to cover the cost of the bikes value.


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Paisley Freight have a good website but in common with almost all the couriers they are just acting as agents for TNT, who will be throwing the bike around and wrecking it just like they did the one I sold.

So be sure to pack well, remove the derailleur hanger and pad eveything well. Be sure to insure the bike for its full value and most importantly: tell your buyer not to allow themselves to be harrassed by the driver and to examine the carton BEFORE signing for the bike and if they have any doubt at all about the condition, sign for it as "damaged".


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As mentioned, Paisley Freight.
If you need a bike box then give your LBS or local Halfords a call. They are happy to get rid for free.
Good tip. My LBS are always happy to get rid of bike boxes, they usually include all the packing too- all the frame protector foam bits and the plastic bags and the dropout spacers.


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Thanks for the replies, the buyer has had a change of heart so won't need to send now.

Should another person need it sending, I shall remember the place suggested
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