Posting an image?

Save a photo or image to your pictures.

Click on the paperclip image (to the right of the white smiley face) and click on browse, select your image and then upload!

Hope that's clear! :thumbsup:
You have resurrected a 4 year old thread. In that time the Forum software has changed.
At least they bothered to search rather than just jumping in. You never know, they might be currently searching for cycling etiquette threads before asking whether you should say hello!


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@TheCyclingRooster - You can upload an image directly from your computer.. by clicking the 'Upload a file' button that is just below the reply box.


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Pictures from my camera use about 4Mb each. I think that you can't upload ones that big to CC. I go to a website called, upload my image to it, make it smaller, and then re-save it back to my computer before uploading the shrunken one to CC. lets you do other manipulations but I don't bother with them. It's very easy to use. Even I managed.


@Shaun are there some problems uploading photos from ios8 devices? I get an error message saying that the site doesn't recognise the image format when uploading. I've had to revert to an ios7 device to post some photos on another of your forums this evening.
It's a bug with Safari in iOS 8 - try an alternative browser for now. Apple should eventually release a point update to fix it. :thumbsup:

Shaun :biggrin:
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