Poundland Bike Cleaner


I was right about that saddle
Make sure you use these two products for the right things, otherwise you will end up with a Spicy Tomato Snap derailleur.


Eat, sleep, ride, repeat.
Didn't see it in my local Poundland at lunch time and I was in the bike bit- I noticed they now sold saddles.
I did, though, pick up some cycling sunglasses- they have the relevant UV protection and I'm not very careful when it comes to sunglasses so have given these a punt.


Hol den Vorschlaghammer!
It smells a lot like the Heavy Duty Degreaser we used to use at McDonald's to clean the fry vats, and that was good stuff. If it's no good on the bike, I'll give it me dad for the deep fat fryer.
Whilst we are talking about degreaser, I found a unopened can of green gunk degreaser in the back of my cupbooard, could I use this in my chain cleaning machine or is it to harsh.
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