Power straps vs SPDs


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Thanks to everyone who filled me in on SPDs and their pros and cons. Anyone used power straps? (Not sure if that's a brand name - single wide strap that goes diagonally across pedal) Wondered if they gave the same kind of advantage with less risk of falling over still attached.


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User3143 said:
No they don't. Buy some SPDs and practise clipping and unclipping with the bike resting against a wall. Once you feel confident then hit the road.

+1. Tried Power Grips- fitted on one pedal, had a go, and quickly became apparent that for me at least, they were accidents waiting to happen. Got my foot in, and it was an absolute pain to get it out again. Out on the road it might have been fatal. Perhaps I should have spent more time practicing, adjusting the fit...but with hindsight I think they'd still be fiddly. So off it came and I got a refund. Went to SPDs a few months later and pretty much got the hang of them straight off. Unlike Power Grips, you've got proper feedback- through feel and sound- when you clip in and out, and set up the tension right and it's absolutely no bother to unclip any time you want/need to.


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User3143 said:
No they don't. Buy some SPDs and practise clipping and unclipping with the bike resting against a wall. Once you feel confident then hit the road.

I think the transition from platform to SPD may be the difficulty for some people: complete freedom to "locked onto the bike".

I rode platform for a long time, then toe clips and straps the spd when i got my first road bike. I never had a "comedy clipped in fall" with spd's.

Toe clips are a useful half way house for anyone feeling very nervous as they require some thought but less than spds.
Power straps were launched as an antidote to clips and straps, just in time to be blown out of the market by the first clip-in pedals. Unfortunately enough people bought them to keep them in business. A shame, because they really are quite crap.


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IMHO anything that straps over the top of shoes is downright dangerous. people seem to fear SPD's before they use them but once they get used to them they are an absolute doddle to use and if you do come off your feet will pull out of the clips.


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I wasn't that impressed with the Power Grips, also tried SPD and am back on platforms. However I have been looking at some of the new types of straps on the market. Some go as a band straight across the pedal some on a diagonal like the Powergrip. But they all adjust via velcro so very easy to change if wearing different shoes. This was a problem for me with the Powergrips as I'll ride in anything from chunky boots to trainers. There's even instructions online to make your own velcro straps. But I don't feel any burning imperative to be attached to the pedals.

I strongly disagree with the idea around SPD/clipless being a light and day difference. Decent platforms and grippy soles will stop your feet slipping. On a steep hill I believe clipless will allow for some pull up in the stroke. For me the benefits don't outweigh the negatives of falling off, having to have special shoes and being unable to reposition your foot at will.
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