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Having just entered L'Eroica Britannia I now have a few months to find a suitable bike to use. I can hire one for £100 for the 3 day festival, but would rather put that towards buying another bike. I would like one in as good a condition as possible (allowing for the fact that it might be almost 30 years old). Please send a message with anything suitable that you have. I live in the North East but would be prepared to travel a reasonable distance to collect. Thanks.


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Have a look at what @biggs682 has for sale at the moment. :biggrin:


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What size frame do you need? Also, what's your budget? Biggs will have several. Due to SWMBO complaining I'm also selling some shortly. Mine are:

There's a 23" 1984 Raleigh Clubman I'll finish this week. 531-framed and in decent condition apart from the paintwork.

I've a 21" 1986 Raleigh Team that'll probably go on sale in the Spring; I've done nearly 1000 miles on it since a light restoration in 2013 so it works fine.

There will also be a 21" 1986 Benotto Paris-Roubaix (probably) which I'm starting on next month but that'll be much more as it'll have new forks, etc.
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Size is likely to be 56cm or 22". Budget is up to around £200 unless it's something special. I know it's superficial but condition is more important to me than the ultimate spec.
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