Prejudice strikes...


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Sunday before Christmas, I was detailed to go with Bro-in-law to do the last shop, at Waitrose, a drive to Chandlers Ford. Well, that was an experience in itself - there must have been 25 sets of folk waiting with trolleys for the store to open at 10 as we got there and you could barely move for the first few yards of fruit and veg, and the queues at the checkout, well....!

Anyway, I nipped to the loo as we left, and David took the stuff in the trolley, and I said I'd meet him back at the car. So then I wandered out and across towards where we'd parked and as I crossed between bays, a BMW sitting at that 'junction' hooted at me. I cursed it inwardly, and carried on. It hooted again. I turned, ready to scowl, or hurl abuse....

I'd forgotten my bro-in-law has a BMW.... :thumbsup: He'd shifted to make space for another car, and was waiting to pick me up...


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At least you realised before hurling abuse!


I had a rant at my missus about how all BMW drivers are auto hand relief fanatics, when she reminded me that my brother-in-law drives one. Ooops!
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