Presta Pump Problems


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Just attempted to pump my inners up, no problems before now but the pump head seems to "slip" and let air out when i try to go over 90-100PSI, the pump is rated at 160 PSI (although i doubt i could pump hard enough to get it there. Are there any tricks or tips to keep the pump on, or has the rubber inside just worn out. The pump is only 7 months old, and i only use it once every few weeks!



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Good pump or a cheapie Ryan ?
It sounds as though the rubbers not gripping the valve.
I've got round similar situations by clamping the head on the valve with my hand...thumb round the tyre, fingers forcing the head onto the valvestem....hand in a 'c' shape if you know what i mean.


The abominable Bikeman
Ashford, Kent
it was a £15 muddyfox thing, not too cheap, but not expensive either. i have a schrader - presta adapter that seems to work well with the 2nd hole


cyberknight said:
I have snapped valves before now trying to pump up presta valves with a mini pump
I reckon there is a knack to this. Most people try to hold the pump, valve and wheel with one hand and pump handle with the other, which puts a lot of strain on the valve seat. Even worse is trying to pump up the tyre with the wheel on the bike.

Instead, rest the nose of the pump on something solid like a wall and hang the wheel off it with the valve above the pump and held in place by the pump locking lever. One hand holds the pump head in place against the object and the other does the pumping. Don't hold the wheel at all. You can get a much higher pressure and you don't put any strain on the valve.

[You always need a hose on a track pump, of course, but that's because you need both hands on the handle.]


I can't be bothered faffing about with these mini pump things, I like something I can actually get hold of.

I have always used the long Zefals or equivalent frame pumps on road bikes. No problems getting pressure into my tubes and have never broken a valve. On my hybrid I have a Zefal pump (the ones about inch and a half in diameter) with a fexible connector, secured to the frame with a couple of standard pump mounting straps. It may not look very elegant but I want to pump up my tyres not hang it in an art gallery.

At home I have a track pump, but also have one of those car emergency jump starters with a built in tyre inflator, so will not mention which one gets used most!
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