Preventing crashes at local training races

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Here's a video from the first race of the season. Jump to 4:15 to watch the crash itself. I'm looking for the "hard and fast rules" we can teach the newcomers to prevent this from happening. It's pretty rare but is scares guys off.



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There wasn't a single look for a gap to fill, was there any verbal communication at the time?


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A hard and fast rule to prevent that? How about stop riding around in car parks in circles so close together and go out touring on the road? :laugh:

Relatedly: does anyone else know why there's no "Road Racing (Amateurs)" section under "Cycling Sport"? ;-)


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Rider in blue (#?) went for a gap that wasn't there without checking.

Try a proper track?
I agree. The rider pushed into a gap that was barely there.
I also agree a proper track would be better. Even a motor racing circuit with better with delineated borders for people getting into racing. Our nearest motor racing circuit is used regularly for crits.


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I know of quite a few riders getting into crit and road racing who have never done the club scene, so it is unlikely they have learned the skill of group riding or race etiquette.

Classic is the guy who decides to stand on the pedals before giving them an extra push down, muppets.


Bitd we called it "switching", and people crashed then as well ......



Although a crash happens it looks to be quite a good setup as it seems that there are some experienced riders in amongst the novices to give guidance during the race.

One thing i'd add to the other comments is that if the rider in the middle had been on drops rather than the hoods then the one on the right might not have been brought down too, at least it looks like the bars were hooked.
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