Pro Tarmac Overshoes


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I recently bought a pair of the Pro Endure H20 which look similar but without the neoprene and I'm very impressed. Fit is good and I've gone from having cold feet in thermal socks to warm feet in normal socks thanks to the fleece lining.

The only thing to mention really is that although they say they will work for road and MTB shoes, if you're wearing MTB shoes go for the size up.


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I use the Adistar ones and they are brilliant, really cannot fault them. The thing that I notice about the Spesh's is that they use a zip which I have had problems with in the past whereas the Adistar ones are all Velcro.


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ive got the Pro Tarmac with neoprene, and i think they are brilliant!!!

really warm, keep my feet dry, and they are very comfortable too!!!

the best overshoe that ive had!


I've got the PRO Endure NPU, same as the Tarmacs but with a velcro fastener under them. Great overshoes and definitely worth the money. FWIW if I were buying again I'd go for BBB HArdwear (also from Ribble at about the same price), they seem a bit sturdier, warmer and possibly with a greater water resistance.


Thanks for the replies, it all sounds good for Pro overshoes, I had not realised there were such a range of "other" Pro overshoes and I'm away to work out what the difference between them is - I shall also take a look at the other suggestions.
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