Probably the worlds most stupid cyclist?

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This reminds me of the time two older, well-dressed cyclists and their dog were going the wrong way up a fast, curved, nasty one-way street in Whitechapel (Three Colt Street, by St. Anne's church, outside the old Wheelers workshop for those of you that know the area). I said "look out, you're going the wrong way up a one-way street".

Their response? "Nah, you're a mug, shut up!". I would have been glad to see a BMW take them out, to be honest.

Difficult to know what to do in these circs. I'd have made a judgement based on where I was, what he was dressed like, and how useful or otherwise my intervention could have been. By then I'd have been past him and thinking about whether I would still catch the 18.06 from the station, so I'd have carried on :biggrin:

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I had to look at the OPs location to check this wasn't Manchester, on reading the story. I did once see a guy cycling my route with a similar rear brake setup - I did pull alongside and tell him about it, but he said he knew, and was ok as he still had a front brake.
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