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Great idea. When numskull driver crashes (anyone using this is a numbskull) the ipad will be catapulted towards the driver when the airbag deploys. Hopefully the attachment is designed in such a way to ensure that the ipad hurtles towards the driver side on. As it is supposed to be thin, it should do a good job of decapitating the driver quickly and relatively painlessly.

At last, a real use for the i-Pad. Darwin at it's best! :biggrin:
It was posted a few weeks ago, I think it was shown to be a hoax :biggrin: A while ago I saw an Iphone apt that has actually been put into production; it relayed video from the camera to the screen and made the feed a background for the text screen (Iphone on the move or Iped or something). Allowing the pedestrian to continue to walk whilst texting, aye right under a bus xx(
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