Proposed Chilterns Cycleway

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by sheddy, 20 Jul 2007.

  1. sheddy

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  2. mcr

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    I got the email from CTC about it today. Not quite sure what the point is, to be honest. What's wrong with getting a map and using your imagination?

    It looks like it's on-road (I know some of the proposed sections myself) and unless it's going to open up previously unsuitable tracks to all bikes (eg by tarmaccing) it's not really going to add anything other than signage. I can see the point of long-distance footpaths, because there are elements of insfrastructure etc to be maintained, but if a 'cycle route' is only following existing roads...

    Now if it was going to open up the Chilterns to cycling without having constantly to go up and down every hill (as the proposed route seems to), such as building a scarp-ridge route to match the Ridgeway path, then I would be interested.
  3. Bokonon

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    They have hills in the Chilterns now?!

    (I grew up in the Chilterns and thought it was hilly when I was a kid. I now live in Yorkshire and find the Chilterns to be increadably flat.)
  4. mcr

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    North Bucks
    They're hilly enough for me!
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