Pros seen while out for a ride,


I don't know much about Cinco de Mayo
Me and my Dad saw one of the Yates' bikes outside a tea-room in Heptonstall- this was ages ago, before they got their big TDF results.

I'm not sure which one was in there and didn't see them. Just the nice bike with the name on it. But that's my big claim


I don't know much about Cinco de Mayo
The whole of the Quick Step team apart from Cav (sick) on a col in Spain in Jan 2014. We’d stopped for a piss, and so did they! We beat them up by a few mins but set off approx two days earlier...
Still a win, you caught them napping


I stopped at a traffic light close to home many years ago. A guy pulls up alongside me on an expensive bike wearing all the roady cycling gear. We had a chat for a minute or two and as he rode away he said something along the lines of "now you can tell people you have met me". Unfortunately I had no idea who he was, even after he told me his name. I looked his name up when I got home and found I had just been speaking to pro TdF rider Chris Boardman. So now I'm telling you lot about it.
I raced a couple of times against his Dad or rather, I was in the same race as his Dad. He was fast as well.


Norven Mankey
I cycled up Holme Moss with Ed Clancy

Well, when I say "up Holme Moss" what I actually mean is we rode together on the flat bit before the Moss, I hung on to him for first 200m of climbing while he chatted away...and then he was gone
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