prostate damage - be wary !


A quick note about how my prostate was adversely affected by cycling (albeit in unusual circumstance) and caused me injury, pain and off-bike time. I discussed the sequence of events with my urologist but I am not going to try to use medical terms. According to the urologist, the sequence was typical of cyclists (surprising ? he should know).


1. Started LEJOG 10 day.
2. Day 3, saddle sore due to rogue shorts.
3. Continued (shifted my weight on the saddle to put less weight on the saddle sores but more weight on the perineum).
4. Day 6, infection (I though it was a virus at the time - I didn't have the classic symptoms of a UTI). At the end of the day, couldn't even look at a bike never mind ride. Also, had difficulty weeing, though not painful at that time it was distressing.
5. Day 7, caught train home.
6. In the night of Day 7, could not wee at all. Had to have catheter fitted as an emergency. Don't go there !
7. Six days later, asked them to remove the catheter. The nurses were not pleased - but it turned out to be the right thing to do. In this time, the NHS did not permit me to see a doctor never mind a urologist !
8. Could wee ok, though a bit weaker than normal, but after 2 - 3 days got the classic symptoms of a UTI, this infection was caused by the catheter.
9. First batch of antibiotics failed.
10. Now on different antibiotics, I think they are working.

Between 9. and 10., I was finally permitted to see a urologist. His explanation:

Pressure on the perineum due to shifting my weight forward to avoid the saddle sore, caused my prostate to enlarge, which constricted the urethra and prevented the bladder from emptying, allowing in bacteria which caused the infection (I think though, the infection might actually have been in the blood caused directly by the saddle sore).

My prostate has been examined after the event and is now fine.

Lessons learned:

1. If any hint of prostate problem, do not ride a bike without a quality prostate-friendly saddle (eg Selle Italia SLR Superflow ?).
2. Do not get on a bike without quality, expensive shorts.
3. S-works boingy seatpin and redshift boingy stem, may help a bit, are on trial.
4. Be very circumspect about any reduced wee flow. Stop cycling, and put things right !


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Sorry about your problems. Thanks for posting as we men are often shy about admitting things are going great wrong "downstairs" and it's quite a common problem once we're advancing in years. I have to get up a few times a night but have been told there's nothing to worry about yet.
So saddles with a cut out are more prostate friendly? I dont have any problems with the two saddles I am currently using, one with one without.


Yeah good post with some good advice although my urologist who is also a keen cyclist reckoned as long as the saddle was a good fit, it didn't really matter about the gap. He did also say that long days in any saddle wasn't ideal for the prostrate but not to let it stop me. Agree with your sentiment of getting checked though, as I took my time which definitely made it more difficult to rectify.


Worrying as I have a lot weight on my perineum. I naturally sit forward in an aggressive TT position on the nose of the seat.


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@shobo great post so many thanks

I was first diagnosed with an enlarged prostate about 6 years ago and after a fair bit of internet searching i stumbled on Smp saddles as being prostate friendly so made contact with Dillglove and had a "test" 209 lite for a couple of weeks as this model matched my required width and without too much padding .

My psa has risen 50% in 6 years and when i saw my specialist a couple of week's ago he had no undue worries . I have never mentioned cycling to him but i am due another visit soon and will mention it to him and see what he has to say about it .

I never wear padded shorts or bibs and do about 70% of my cycling wearing Rohan "bags" with normal run of the mill boxers underneath . Vast majority of my miles are done split between selle smp lite 209's and selle smp trk saddles and always recommend them if asked


Thankyou guys
I would add that I had no history of any problem in that area, cycling-related or otherwise. I have never used a prostate-friendly saddle previously. But there seems to be a consensus that they are a must-have when someone has a sign of soreness down there.
I have done similar challenges to the 10 day LEJOG previously with no ill effects.
This time on LEJOG I was aware that I was making my perineum a little sore. It was because the saddle sore meant that I could no longer put my full weight on my sit-bones. I did not think I would have any adverse effects.
I suppose what I am trying to say is: if anyone does ever get soreness down there, and especially difficulty passing water, then stop cycling until: Correct your position. Get a prostate-friendly saddle. My experience is that even after stopping cycling, a minor difficulty in weeing can still escalate to complete blockage which is a medical emergency.
I had never thought about it until I read this post.
I don't do many miles so it probably won't affect me that much , but it has started me thinking.
I tend to ride whatever saddle is fitted to my bikes but I do tend to prefer to ride them with the nose pointing down slightly, which for me feels comfy.


If I push my pern in I can feel a little pea type lump, I’m thinking this is just normal right? Isn’t it part of the prostrate gland?

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I can sympathise with you as 3 years ago I suffered from Prostatitis. Like you I had never had any problems excepting the odd saddle sore. I decided to do a 60 mile sportive and did quite a bit of extra training, why I don`t know. On the morning of the sportive as I was driving to the venue I was aware of quite a pain in the groin area. I did the 60 mile sportive with this pain continuing. I even stopped and adjusted the saddle thinking that it was too high, no difference. The day after I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk, in fact perhaps the worst pain I have had. I went to the doctor and he inspected my prostate which he said was OK, however what I had was Prostatitis. I was put on a course of antibiotics and it cleared up within about 5 days but took a few weeks for the pain to go completely. I put the blame on two things in my case. Firstly I had started wearing a new pair of cycling tights, which ended up being binned ( they were too tight) and secondly wearing under pants, for my modesty. I no longer wear under pants whilst cycling and have not had the trouble since. I do use a saddle with a cut out ( Prologo kappa PAS) but whether that makes any difference I don`t know. Despite being very clean and always washing perhaps it was just a catalogue of events that triggered the infection. You just can`t be too careful.


I think had downstairs issues and it was agony peeing on anything over 200k. Switched to SMP and my issues are 100% resolved. Same as the lads above I went to dillglove and they sorted me out.
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