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Went down the pub yesterday afternoon with a mate on our bikes and while he was inside getting 'em in I had a look at his bike, as he'd asked me to look at the squealing brakes. It was an old Shogun MTB and had steel rims (!) and yellow plastic V brakes on it. The seatpost was round the wrong way and the saddle was pointing upwards. The handlebars were steel, also. We tried to adjust the brake blocks for a bit of toe-in, but the bolts were seized. The blocks seemed to be polishing the chrome on the rims accentuating the squeal, I suspect?

He started saying about getting a new one and all I could say was "Good idea!". :rolleyes:

Good pub bike, though, I suppose. I wouldn't nick it!


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South Beds.
Pub bike...:biggrin:
I have a pub car at the moment....:rolleyes:

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
A beaten up old bike for going to the pub is a good idea but you can also have the same 'security' if you have a low colour and don't clean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My first MTB was a Shogun Prairie Breaker, bought second hand in 1993! It was frightening, fully rigid, equipped with cantilever brakes and thumbies. I had some great times on it but with hindsight I can't believe I took it anywhere near a mountain...(which I did).
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