Pub quiz questions 2

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What I really wanted to create was a repository of good questions (and answers) for when I/we next get asked to organise a quiz. They dont need to be car related btw.

I suggest post a question then wait for a response, right or wrong, before providing the answer.


(Q1) What colour is a polar bears skin?


mickle said:
(Q1) What colour is a polar bears skin?

Is it green?

Graham O

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What was Brain's (from Thunderbirds) real name?


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Andy and Ben went to India.

Where did they stay?
What did they drive?
What's their favourite soft drink?
What's the name of Andy's girlfriend?
Name their two favourite dances.
What's Ben's favourite drink?

Please note I have made this even more difficult than it could be, ;) but people on here are so fiendishly clever. If it proves too difficult - unlikely I would have thought - I will provide a few clues.


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Let's turn this round:

When I was on University Challenge, I answered 4 'starters for 10'. The answers were Basil Brush, Polenta, Sciatica and Neap. What were the questions...?
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