Public bike repair facilities

I know Ely station has one.

Though while I always carry a toolkit with me, it's nice to know it's there if need be.


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There is one at the BP garage at Annadalewater Services J16 on M74. So if you’re cycling Route 74 You’ll never realise it’s there but you do now. Just outside the M&S. :laugh:
Always thought it strange to have one there!
It's the last place a cyclist would go.

Garry A

One at the bottom of Falkirk high street near the Active Travel Hub.
Thing is, a lot of folks aren't like us cycling nerds who *do* carry tools and spares when they're out and about. :blush:

And don't tell me that any of us have never inadvertently left a pump or multi tool at home... :whistle:

I think these are a wonderful idea. :pump:
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