Puncture repair glue

Sunny Portrush

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What is the actual glue used that you get in puncture repair kits? I often find I have used up all the glue before I`m even halfway through the patches! Just wondering if you could get it in industrial strength sizes!

Pale Rider

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Buy self-adhesive patches. Much better, as long as you give the tube a really good scraping.
I've used Park patches but wasn't impressed so I'll, er, stick with the glue. Decathlon sell glue refills and, if all else fails, Poundland will probably have repair kits for guess how much - my local does - and the glue works just like puncture repair glue. I wouldn't use their patches but the glue works fine. Stick the top back on immediately after use with as little air getting in in the process as you can and it will last better.
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