Q about pro's changing tires


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Wonder what is pro's "policy" of changing in a grand tour let's say.
per KM , per day , only based on the mechanics inspection ?!
and in training periods ?



Welcome on board doco, can I suggest you ask this question in the racing section, you're more likely to get a useful answer there. Please though, hang around the cafe, have a tea, tell a lie about the guy next to you, and get your best punning head on.


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Hey, Many thanks for the prompt reply and the welcome.
You're 100% right.
I'll pop-in for a cafe again
Thanks for advise.



I'd quite like to know too. I'll bet you can pick-up alot of "used" stuff if you know someone "inside" a team......


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I could be wrong but I dont think the changes are not huge unless it a rainy day rather than dry. Generally not much is changed unless the difference from say racing at paris roubaix to a normal road course.

I see your point about getting parts on the cheap but I dont reckon you can get a lot is sold and what they have is well used.

I did hear I think years ago that some of the lower budget teams use lower spec stuff to keep costs down (ie shimano 600 for racing as opposed to dura ace for promo stuff)
I think sometimes British cycling have some stuff for sale on the bc sitr


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NO , I'm not interested in buying.. :-)
I simply wonder how it goes inside the teams.
Of course Roubaix is different . How is it on "normal" races and trainings

BTW, I don't know any pro team that doesnt use either Campy 11 , Sram RED or DA or DA Di2 - all TOP of the line.


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same as you should do really. By inspection. In a stage race the mechanics wash, adjust, inspect the bikes each and every evening. They inspect the tyres, looking for obvious wear, cuts and blemishes and replace those which fail inspection.
I remember a post on one forum where someone had asked what Michelin 'Service Course' meant on ProRace tyres.
It was explained that it meant they were the tyres the pro teams used.
'Cool' he said, 'so will I know which team it was who used my tyres, which rider ? Will they be nearly brand new or really worn ?'
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