Quadricep Problem?


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After a quick google it appears that I may have strained my quadriceps (although I may be wrong).

It kicked off on Saturday when I went paintballing, I felt quite a bit of discomfort as my left knee kind of gave way. I made it to the sides and sat out the rest of the games for fear of it happening again although when I was watching from the sides the pain wasnt really present. A couple of hours later and I was driving home and the pain started to kick in, and by the time I got home I was in so much pain climbing the stairs I had to crawl up.

The pain when going up the stairs was at the front of the thigh, when the leg was bent and weight was being applied to it. When I made it to bed my legs, in particular my thighs, were very stiff and uncomfortable.

The next morning I managed to drag myself out of bed despite there still being some discomfort and went for a 50 mile ride, during which the stiffness was still there but not causing pain or hinderance to my cycling. When I got home and off the bike the pain quickly came back and again climbing the stairs was torture and today is no different :biggrin: .

Sat at my desk the pain seems to come from the inside of the thigh at the groin, the front of the thigh between the groin and knee, the inside of the knee.

Does this sound like a strain of my quadriceps? :blink:
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