quick question... how much weight can i put in a small hatchback?

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It's the equivalent of 2 large men so you'll be fine to do in one trip

Or one @I like Skol 😉


What does the handbook say? I recall measuring the weight of concrete when I carried some paving slabs, I don't think I would have done that if there hadn't been a limit in the handbook to compare it with. Weight concentrated on the floor of the boot isn't necessarily the same as weight distributed around the seats.


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Have you broke the car yet ? :whistle:


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Oi! I consider myself average and I weigh 95kg. Are you trying to suggest I am above average weight (i e, a fat b'stard)?
I am feeling too fat, and I weigh 87 kg. Mind you, I only have the core and upper body strength of a scrawny 12 year old boy.

Lightweight, I'm about 15kg heavier than you.

But... you are about 10-12 cm taller than us! :okay:


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Once you've stress tested the car with the gravel, you'll know if you can use the vehicle as a skip to get rid of the dirt, thus saving on the cost, inconvenience and unsightliness of hiring one.
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