quick question... how much weight can i put in a small hatchback?


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Need to get a load of 22kg bags of gravel tomorrow. We were going to use my brother's big car but the gravel shop shuts before he can get here, so we're going in my mother's small hatch back.

We need about 10 bags, so 220 kgs... is that gonna be one trip, two trips, or three??

It's a toyota auris

thanks :smile:
Chuck em all in, if the axle snaps as you drive home, you know you've overdone it.

Joking aside, 220kg is just two big people. spread the weight evenly over the boot and the back seats you should be fine

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Quick Google says 265kg to 590kg.
So I reckon* you'll be fine with it all.

*Not legally binding and I'd make a decision as it's being loaded...


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Two bags where the front passenger would be, six bags on the back seat, and two in the boot. Just make sure you load it evenly as others have said.
I’ve done this kind of weight before. I concur the thoughts above spread the weight out. If you can still bounce the car before setting off you’ve still got some suspension travel.
As long as you go over speed bumps carefully and slowly you should be alright.
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