R.I.P. IAN CURTIS 18051980

"1805 1980"? Well, at least he had a good innings.


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I was only a youngster when Ian Curtis killed himself but Joy Division was a band I really liked at that time. Couldn't understand why anyone would want to do that - I remember listening to John Peel and he said the same.

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I never got into their albums because the producer really messed up their music, but those old clips on YouTube show what a fantastic band they were live and what a great performer Ian Curtis was.

It's not too surprising to hear he killed himself after listening to some of those lyrics.


I can't concentrate
I'm in a state
I don't feel straight
I can't love or hate
I can't feel nothing
Can't see nothing
Only just learning
I ain't no king
If you're in a rut
You've got get out of it
Out of it !!!!!


Uncle Mort said:
I've still got an Unknown Pleasures T Shirt. It was practically required wear in Manchester in the late seventies. But it doesn't fit any more. ;)

There was an even cooler one without the writing, just the black and white mountains or whatever they are.

I saw him live a few months before he died. Fantastic music I think. Unlike anybody else I can think of really - and to be unique in pop music is virtually impossible.

Loads of tracks to choose as my fav. but I'll link to this

View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVc29bYIvCM
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