R.I.P. Jimmy Greaves


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A Prolific goal scorer back in his day. A tremendous player.



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A truly great player.
Funny man as well.
TBH I can't recall ever seeing him live although I was a regular at Anfield through the 60s and 70s so logic says I must have done.

Smokin Joe

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I remember when he came to West Ham in a transfer swop for Martin Peters. Sadly he was past his best by then and well on the road to alcoholism while Peters went on to reach his peak for Spurs.

Forty four goals in 57 England matches is a scoring rate no one has come near (Unless you include Brian Clough, one goal in one game).


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I have a sense that Greavsie would have liked a piece of that, though ^_^. Great character.
He’s on record as being understandable angry that mediocre players are hugely wealthy.
And yes, given his liking for booze and his outgoing personality, he could well have been driving a silly car and falling out of nightclubs.

Pale Rider

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I first went to White Hart Lane in the early 70s and don't recall seeing him play, but I do remember the transfer swap for Peters.

One of his goals of which there is telly footage is when he chased after a long clearance by our goalie.

Greaves beat three (I think) defenders simply by feinting to left and right as he followed the bouncing ball.

The first and only time he touched it was when he slid it into the net.

He was also known for always scoring on debut, although if memory serves that record was broken once later in his career.
Saw Greaves a few tines in the late ‘60s/early ‘70s for Spurs.
And saw his debut for Brentwood Town once he’d retired from the professional game.
I think it was his first debut when he didn't score but I’m unsure (and too lazy to check ont’ net!).
Great player and a genuine legend.
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