Race Across America (RAAM) won outright by a woman


Also the rise of the fifty+ year olds. She is in her fifties and a man in his fifties has recently won the Trans America race.


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Wow what an achievement, such stamina and determination.

I've no aspirations to do anything quite so energetic.

The distance and the scenery for sure, but not aiming for that kind of speed, I'd like to have the chance to look around.

Can't wait to be able to do some longer distance tours again.


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The outright record holder for the Spine Race is a woman, too.
Named Jasmin Paris.

Just for info.


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<will probably regret asking this, but ... >
What is this about? I know the previous record holder was a bloke - I don't know his name. #isitok to admit that??
As above, record holder for Spine Race is Jasmin Paris. I had to look her up. I'd never heard of it. Not a clue about the previous record holder. I'll leave that one for you.


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Although there are many factors to consider, it is possible that women are better than men at ultra endurance events. This leads to the conclusion that at some distance in the middle, everyone can compete on an equal basis.
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