'Racing' a combine

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Nebulous, 13 Aug 2012.

  1. Nebulous

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    I did a TT on what can be quite a busy dual carriageway on Sunday morning. Did a turn at a flyover, and up ahead I saw an orange flashing light. I gradually caught him to see it was a combine harvester, followed by a small lorry carrying the blade. The guy on the bike in front of me nipped past in two goes. I was pretty wary about drawing out into 70 mph traffic on a bike, but after checking behind I managed to overtake both vehicles in one go.

    Then I came on a long slow uphill drag, I could sense him gaining on me all the time and didn't the bleeding thing then pass me, although the lorry didn't. Eventually over the top of the climb, round a slight bend and I picked up speed again, but had a bit of a hairy and vulnerable moment going past as I couldn't see very far behind. I got to the finish about 2 miles later, stopped in a layby and he gave me a cheery wave as he passed.
  2. snorri

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    You get no points on this forum for passing a combine, even although you did it twice on one outing.:sad:
    Still, it beats this SCR these townies do.:biggrin:
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