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what do you wear when it rains. I am fairly new to cycling so really have only bought some cycling shorts. I bouught some waterproof trousers by polaris but find them quite constricting, would some longer trousers be better? ive looked online and longer style shorts and gore seems like a good make, after something that will keep me warm too. getting confused with all the different options ie leg warmers do they stay up?


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I'm with User on this, just get wet legs. But I'm only a commuter so it's a half hour ride. On top I have a load of layer options with an Altura windproof winter coat and a Montane featherlite over that for rain showers (I got the montane the other day based on recommendations from here, yet to use it in anger).

I can get shorts/leggings dry at work ready for the return soaking.


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Leg warmers, bib shorts, waterproof jacket, backpack with rain cover jobs a goodun! Hang up at work dry for when I finish to get wet again by the looks of today!


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During winter I did the boil in a bag routine with waterproof jacket, trousers and overshoes. Horribly warm and may as well have just got wet. Today I did just that. Waterproof overshoes and a windproof gillet to keep the worst of the weather out and wet legs with knee warmers and a very pleasant 9 mile commute in the rain.


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Endura Gridlock trousers, first time I have used them in this warmer temperature this morning but still fairly breathable.


I don't bother with waterproofing my legs unless I'm on the bike for a long time. For commuting I just wear shorts that are quick-drying, and hang my socks out when I get to work.

Skin is waterproof but not windproof. If you can keep warm, it's not so important to keep dry.


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Like others I let my legs get wet. In summer I sometimes let it all get wet but this can be a bit unpleasant. People give you funny looks too, I well remember leaving a puddle in a lift at one workplace. Another snag is that if you are mudguardless the water is *filthy* and your work gear gets dirty.
Are you a long-distance-for-fun/racing-cyclist or a commuter...?

I cycle everywhere but often not far (commute 5 miles each way, shops etc); and I don't get too hot. For weather like this morning's in Manchester (continual light rain, not too hot temperature wise) I wore my waterproof leather boots (normal winter ones); some Altura waterproof overtrousers and an Altura nightvision jacket. The nightvision jacket gets worn almost continually through the year.

Also some waterproof-ish gloves as my fingers go horribly wrinkly when wet, and once cold I'm usually rather miserable.

In summer, if it's warm and it's just a shower, I prefer to get wet, you dry off soon enough and it's quite refreshing (provided, of course, you're not wearing jeans or heavy cotton or something else that's going to stay sopping wet).


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I go for the boil in the bag jacket(Endurs Laser) in winter,with some bikester rain repellent tights and over-shoes,nothing worse than riding 10 miles+ with your feet sopping wet(as I found out yesterday:sad:)
Just got a Montane featherlite shower-proof jacket for the summer which is nice and light/packable,normal gloves/mitts all year round,oh and keep some spare socks/undies at work.


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Well I went for the waterproof trousers since I didn't have light weight trousers on but I put my flip flops on my feet and just let them get soaking wet and wished I had put on some lighter weight trousers this morning that would have dried better.

Winter - I have to keep dry because I will get cold otherwise very quickly ... summer you can get wet - especially on the way home if its nice and warm. It was lovely heavy rain we had - such a change from the dry weather we have had or the cold wet that we had recently.


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well i ended up taking my waterproof trousers of as got too hot and just put up with the rain. lucikly wasnt too heavy and didnt mind getting a bit wet, guess shock horror when the winter comes will have to think about it again maybe getting some leg warmers and dry of when i come back unless im using my bike for commute purposes then will not want to arrive to college dripping wet


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I go for cycling shorts, shorts on top socks, cycling top, northface rain jacket dont mind getting legs wet as they dry quickly although its not nice having squiggy socks!

My rucksake is yet to leak through but think i need to invest in a waterproof cover.

Mines a 40 Minute journey

leyton condor

On a 6 mile commute I use a Altura Night vision Jacket with shorts in summer rain and ronhills in the winter.
After 20+ years of commuting in London, this winter I fitted a set of crud road racer mudguards. I can honestly say that this was the best bit of weatherproofing that I have invested in. In heavy rain I need to carry a spare pair of socks.
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