'Raising Steam' Casting

I'm re-reading the titular Pratchett book again, & was idly thinking of who could play the major roles

Any ideas, gentle readers??

Moist von Lipwig & Adora Belle are already perfectly cast, from the 2-part TV film 'Going Postal

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agQZiEesA8w

As are Drumknott & Lord Vetinari (prefer Charles Dance, personally), Sacharissa Cripslock & Sergeant Angua

So, mainly, who would play Harry King & Dick Simnel?

If, we could transport deceased actors, I'd think of Peter Vaughan (rather spendidly, also a Harry, as 'Grouty' in Porridge)
From today, maybe Ray Winston?

If anyone saw the recent 'Biggest Little Railway' 5-parter, with Dick Strawbridge (& the lovely Claire Barratt), there was a young lad as part of the team.... .Callum???
Not the H&S obsessed lad, with the glasses

He was, purportedly, 18
His father had died, but his mother had taken him to various steam events, & he'd built his own working steam locomotives, & traction engines

Then there's;
Nobby (Tony Robinson, in full Baldrick persona??)

The Low King (Rhys Rhysson)
Bashfull Bashfulsson
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