Raleigh or Carrera?


Tim Lewis
Ms TF has a Carrera Kraken mountain bike. Its all shimano (Deore I think) inc hydraulic discs and frankly the Alu frame is no different to other mid range MTB's.
We are just for fun occasional offroaders but I cannot fault it.
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South Tyneside
My son-in-law has a Carrera Subway, and is very happy with it. As delivered by Halfords, gear change was poor, but, I adjusted it correctly, and, all is fine. SiL says it is much preferable to his previous (Giant) mountain bike (I did advise him it would be, for the type of riding he does).

My youngest daughter also has a Carrera Subway, which she totally neglects, but, uses daily. It worked fine straight out the box, once assembled, (click and collect).

On balance, I would say the Carrera models are fine, Halfords service is a bit hit and miss, in my experience, but, that would be true no matter the brand.


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The criticism of Halfords generally relates to the poor setup of bikes and poor customer service rather than the actual bikes. Let's be honest, they all have the same parts. A Deore rear much works the same the world over. Yes, you can foul it up with poor quality components in the system, cheap wheels, etc but this is generally easy to spot.

I'd buy a Halfords bike without hesitation if the price and spec were right.
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