Rally Cross Bank Hol Monday

gary r

Im off to Lydden Hill Monday to see the European Rally cross event,If you like motorsport get down there.£20 for adults & under 12's free.I used to love going to watch rallycross in the 80's to see the Metro 6R4's and the zakspeed 4WD Escorts Of John Welch & Martin Schankhe ( i worked for Welsh for a while)Taking my 9yr old son,he will love it!!Rallycross reminds me of "world of sport" on saturday afternoons bit of rallycross then wrestling from Croyden civic hall!!!!!:smile:
Kent Coast
Aaah..... Rallycross on World of Sport. "The Meadow" at Lydden which was usually like something out of the Battle of the Somme. 2 wheel drive cars slithering everywhere. Those were the days!
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