Rate the Eggheads.

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Personally, I like Kevin. A modest mine of Egghead-y knowledge.

The one I cannot abide is CJ. He makes me want to meet him so I could practice with a new baseball bat. That stupid face he pulls (gurns) which is supposed to convey expression looks like he actually thinks he knows literally everything on this planet. One of his colleagues struggles on a question and he's raising his eyes to the skies and flailing his arms around - funny how he's knocked out more than the rest of them, but he looks like a world-class cretin to me.

What do the rest of us think?


What about mr potato head, they should put him on that show he looks funny.


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I'm not entirely sure any more, they all seem fairly smug in one way or another, but the one I can't stand is Barry - he always looks as though he needs a good wash!!


What do the rest of us think?
I think they are called the Eggheads cos they all have got nits.


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I hate CJ and the scruffy old man. I quite like the old lady, why do they always pick her for the sports questions when she knows her stuff? Have they never watched the programme before?
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