Really interesting video on riding a bike.


Wow, powerful stuff.


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What a load of bollocks. Most people can learn to ride a reverse steer bike in under a week, and have no problem when they return to a normal bike.
What did he say it took him - eight months? Something odd. I'm sure he wasn't lying...why would he? So how come he took eight months to get what 'most people' can get in a week? Is he uncommonly stupid? I'd think not. Uncommonly bright seems more likely. Maybe therein lies the problem. Who knows? Anyway, I found it interesting. And I was right...the moment I saw him I thought 'that's the guy who did the Prince Rupert drops video' - and so he proved to be:


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Actually, thinking about this while heading in to work this morning, I'd like to revise my criticism.

For much of riding a bike we rely on instinct. When I ride a reverse steer bike, I have to think about what I am doing (and do the opposite of what instinct tells me). If I try to ride a reverse steer bike too fast I fail because I don't have enough time to think and instinctive reactions take over.

In the video, he may mean that he rode only a reverse steer bike for 8 months and riding it became instinctive. If that was the case, then riding a normal bike would not be as easy, as he would need to think about what he was doing - I'm still surprised it was as difficult as he made out, but I think the video was somewhat dramatised and was all about making a theoretical point.

Many skills can be learnt to the point where they become instinctive, and riding a bike is probably the most common, thus where the idiom about forgetting how to ride comes from.
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