Rear Gear Problem

I have an annoying problem with my rear gears. When I change (usually down, but occasionally up) it takes 5 or 6 turns of the pedal before the new gear selects. This happens more with the larger gears than the smaller ones.


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Sounds like it could be sticking cables. Have they been lubed or replaced lately?
I'd also suggest checking the indexing - the cable could have stretched.


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Another vote for gunge in the cables. They aren't lubed in the factory so a bit opf dirt/moisture gets in, the things corode a bit and bingo. Cables won't run and gears bugger up.

I strip and grease my brake and gear cables once a year (actually you can get away without too much stripping down) and they run without incident. I have cables that are years old and stikll work perfectly, used winter and summer on a bike that gets washed about once a year. Whether it needs it or not.
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