Rear mech position?


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Hi all, I recently replaced the RD hanger on my Trek Xcaliber MTB but had some trouble getting the wheel back on because when I re-affixed the RD, the cassette wouldn't lift past the jockey wheels. I eventually got it on and the shifting is perfect but I'm unsure if the RD is hanging too low/high? I have included photos of it with the bike in highest and lowest gear. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.



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Not enough links in that chain. Too short.
I think the mech has been installed incorrectly. Pretty sure the link between the mounting bolt and the mech pivot should be near horizontal, so looks like the fixed tab is in the wrong place. I have posted pictures of this in the past. Will see if i can find them....

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Bow to Skolly on the set up.
all I did was replace the hanger and I have done over 1500 miles with that chain.
But as @ianrauk says, irrespective of how far you've ridden, the chain is too short. And since you've done 1500 miles it will need replacing now or v shortly anyway, so cut the new chain one (inch) link longer.
Oi! That spiderweb knows nothing, it was me that gave the fix....... :okay:

Glad you got it fixed and came back to confirm the solution.
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