Rear Pannier Rack and Mudguard Combination


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I'd really appreciate some advice. I have a Dawes hybrid bike which is over 20 years old and I commute with everyday. My mudguards and pannier rack have finally packed it in and I'm struggling to know what to replace them with. I currently have the traditional full guards, which are great for doing the job, but there can be problems with them rubbing against the tyres, and lots of tweaking to stop this.

I've looked at pannier/mudguard combos that either I'm not sure will be very effective or I'm worried the clip on mudguard parts will soon be pinched. I'm also seeing racks that don't fix on the wheel axles and I'm suspicious there will be too much pannier movement. I've read several reviews of people having to adjust the racks a lot once they get them, which I'd rather avoid.

My priorities are:
Not getting muddy
Nothing quick release or likely to get nicked
Robust enough to to carry two full panniers regularly

I have cantilever breaks, tyres are 700c x 35, Ortlieb panniers.

Any advice will be gratefully received!

Thank you!


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I'd go for the proper mudguards and a proper rack individually route. They'll be solidly bolted to the frame at several points for security and robustness and you can attach the guard stays and rack to the same eyelet if you've only got one at the rear.

Proper long guards are much better than the plastic shorty/flappy types - particularly this weather, I've just switched to proper long ones on my winter hack as I've had a week of the explosive diarrhoea look.


SKS Longboards on two of my bikes using Topeak rack on both. I have the bag to slide on the rack and never leave the bike in public so the bag stays on. Works well but can be fiddly to get the guards right to begin with. Worth the time though and the guards to look great once on. Gez


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Thank you Gez73, good to know they work!

Do you have the beam type, Topeak rack? If the panniers didn't slide on, but clipped, do you think they would stay on?
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Not sure, mine has a rail that the bag slides onto. Altura do something similar where the 'female' rail is strapped on the rack and then the bag slides onto that. I use the bag with light drop-down side panniers for emergencies but they are only used for light stuff and are not waterproof. Never used a seatpost rack before but the Topeak stuff stays put in use. A catch at the rear and four velcro straps in each corner keep the bag secure. Gez
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Topeak do a clip on rack as well as the slidy one. Problem with beam racks is they have quite a limited weight limit. I have the same stuff as Gez73, top piece of kit however much carrying

Beam racks are quick release so goes against what you are looking for
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