Rear wheel problems, free wheel seized


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Hi All,

Looking for some advice.

I have a Boardman adventure bike that I use for non road and it has developed an issue with the free wheel, when I stop pedalling the chain doesn't freely rotate and it tries to throw the chain.

I applied some lubricant and it worked for a couple of rides and then the same thing happened again so I decided to strip the back wheel down as the local bike shop wanted silly amounts of money to look at it.

After watching a few videos on youtube managed to strip it down and put it back together but now the whole back wheel doesn't spin freely when I put it back on the bike

Any ideas what I may have done wrong ?

I've done around 2000 miles on the bike should I be looking at replacing the free wheel instead of just cleaning it up ?


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Can I ask what you mean by "Silly amounts of money"?

As regards the freewheel, it probably needs stripping and cleaning.


When you say "freewheel", do you mean the freehub? I've had the same problem with my mavic. First time I bought a new freehub and swapped it. The next time I just took it off carefully, cleaned it and applied a few drops of oil and refitted.

Make sure you work over a tray or something. The little internal springs and pawls can leap off and hide in the darkest corner of the garage.


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If you've already stripped and cleaned it and it's still not working correctly the only option will be to replace it.
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If the wheel doesn't spin, check that it's straight in the frame and not rubbing.

If it's straight, take it out and check that it turns freely on the axle. Then post on here what you find.
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