Received the following e-mail


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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 06:44:58 +0000
Subject: Dear ******,


Dear ****** ,
Dear ******

I am Mr Iloma David, personal attorney to my late client Engr J.B ******, whose relatives I cannot get in touch with. I am contacting you to assist in repatriating the fund left behind by my late client.
The amount value of $9.3 million dollars only.

He died without any registered next of kin.The bank issued me a notice to present the next of kin or relative who will inherit the fund, that failing to present anyone that they will confiscate the fund. That is the reason why i am contacting you and you have the same last name with my late client.

For more details of this transaction contact me at:

Best regards,
Mr Iloma David.

Short response, keep it simple
How do you intend to transfer the money to me?
As in what information is required to ensure the smooth transfer of the funds that you are now holding for me.

What's my chances of getting the money left to me, as next of kin?
He's fond of his Dears' as well.


Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Delete the e-mail from your computer and the contents of it from your mind then settle down and enjoy life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All you need to know is in Delete This At Your Peril. The Bob Servant E Mails.
See how old Bobby Boy gives these fools the run around.
I am not too sure. It sounded more like they were toying with Bob. I am sure they would have time on their hands to be entertained while waiting for a victim to take the bait.


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NE England
Great news! I have successfully cashed in on this kind of situation in the past. Please forward me £100 to cover expenses and all of the money will be transferred to your account by the end of the week.


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Yes have a look at 419eater and some of the other scam baiting sites and you'll see where people have successfully reversed the scam. I'd love to try but TBH I just haven't got the time.
I had a similiar one...... I gave him my bank details, phone number, home address, long card number, pin number, last 3 digits on the back and the combination to my bike lock..... he seemed such a nice bloke I'm looking forward to spending the loot!
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