Recommend me a replacement for Altura Winter Cruiser tights


My trusty Winter Cruisers have finally bitten the dust after approx' 15 years, so can't complain. Ideally I'd like to replace them like for like, but Altura no longer do them, and I have failed to find an equivalent anywhere else on t'internet.

So can any of you wonderful people recommend me a replacement please? Here's what the originals looked like:


My specific requirements are....
  • Tights (not bibs).
  • Stirrups for the feet.
  • Drawcord waist.
  • Fleecy lined.
  • Stretchy.
  • Slightly baggier fit (not skin tight).
  • No pad insert.
  • Pocket for a hanky (optional).
Thank you kindly in advance for any suggestions :smile:.


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Not sure there’s a direct replacement

you don’t say what size you need or your budget

Pearl Izumi do unpadded tights, you’d need to sew on some stirrups

lusso do with foot loops

or go the running tights route eg

Assume you’ve checked eBay?
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