Recommend me some beginners gear

So I've just started in my cycling life and, upon reading through the forum, I am a little taken aback by the amount of gear you need. So as a beginner, what gear is essential (other than a bike obviously) and what can I leave for now.

I know I need some lights as it's getting darker but which ones? I also have been advised to stick some slick tyres on to the mtb to make road cycling easier. Again which ones. Obviously don't wanna sounds a fortune but don't want something that won't last either.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

I share an old MTB with my son for general road use / standby commuter duties and on recommendation use Schwalbe City Jet tyres (26x1.5). They take the abuse we given them very well.

As for kit it does not have to be expensive for instance my local branch of TKMaxx had good quality bib shorts for £20 last weekend. Aldi are sellng cycling kit next Thursday []. Excellent starter kit especially if you plan on riding through the winter. I use Aldi and Lidl gear for commuting (washing machine fodder) and have a small number of high value quality items for 'high days and holydays.'


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Pump, multitool, puncture repair kit, spare tube, decent water bottle that doesn't make your water taste of plastic. If you are planning on falling off, get a helmet plastic hat full of polystyrene, if you aren't planning on falling off, don't bother:whistle:
Andy R is mostly right, get a decent water bottle holder too, or adapt a cheap one with an elastic band - I've lost more bottles than I care to think about. Decathlon are good for cheap kit if you have one near.
I would also recommend some mitts or gloves especially if your bike has flat handlebars, your hands will be in one position for the duration of the ride. Top idea to get the tyres changed the city jets are well worth it.
Maybe a bike lock if you will be leaving out of your immediate vicinity for any reason,(shop,tea and cake break,toilet etc.)
As ACS says above Aldi and Lidl are always having budget gear on sale and if you have a branch of Decathalon nearby they are always worth checking out. As SportMonkey has just said whilst I was still typing!^_^
Just get out there and enjoy it, the more you ride the more you will like it. Welcome to the wonderful world of cycling!:smile:
What lights would you recommend? Again don't wanna pay top of the range as a novice but don't wanna buy something that simply isn't up to scratch. Some that will last so that if I end up upgrading in the future I could still keep them as spares


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Lights for lit roads or unlit roads?


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Other than lights, you don't *need* anything else. I started cycling with just a bike and a set of lights - after a while you'll work out what you would personally benefit from.

Slick tyres make sense and +1 Schwalbe City Jets. I'd also say that it's worth getting some spare inner tubes and a set of tyre levers. I started off using a rucksack to carry bits and pieces (tools, water, etc), it worked well enough. I've now migrated to having a proper water bottle and storing things in my jersey pockets like what 'proper cyclist's do but it really ain't necessary to begin with.
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