Recommend me...

...a new bike computer. Now it has to be a good one because I love my Cateye Strada Wireless so prepared to spend around £70 but here's the issue.

I've just bought a turbo and envisage many winter nights tearing up the mileage and that's the point, I need a speed sensor for the back wheel and one that has a cadence sensor too. And, if you don't mind, an altimeter would be good too. As I say, if I'm going to give up the Strada then it has to have the two other things that would make a computer worthwhile.

I saw a Boardman today with altimeter and all the above save the rear wheel mounting.

Any ideas? Strada Double Wireless any good? Anything by VDO and which one?



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This doesn't have an altimeter but has the speed sensor pick up off the back wheel and cadence so perfect for turbo use and its cheap :smile:
Cateye Strada Cadence - I use the wired one. It lives on my winter bike, with a spare magnet on my turbo wheel. No altimeter though..


They have altimeters nowadays? Are people flying their bikes? Going through the cloud to get the brighter weather?

Can you still get those speedos that ran from a cable turned by a wheel like a dynamo?
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