Recommendations please, for COMFORTABLE safety footwear.


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Hello. As per the title. What I particularly want to avoid is a toe cap that feels narrow.
*I have a pair of almost worn out Trojan Extreme Comfort from approx 10 years ago, and would love another pair. They feel like they were made for me; loads of space for my toes but very sturdy and secure.


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As is the case in the what saddle threads... no one can answer this for you.

it all depends on the shape of your feet... just try before you buy.


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I love my wellies: Dunlop Purofort. Steel toes and steel shanks. Comfortable enough to do a 10 mile walk in, and grippy/stiff soled enough for climbing underground (ie caving). These are snug fitting, and stretchy rubber so give good support. May or may not be too narrow for you given your comment. Plenty of room in the toe though. Picture of mine below

My old wellies were Dunlop acifort, same spec but on balance these yellow ones are better still for me. The aciforts are a slightly wider fitting, which is OK, but mot as good support. Linky below is just to find a picture - not used the supplier


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