1. currystomper

    The girl who cycled her father 1,200km to safety

    A wonderful story on the world service The girl who cycled her father 1,200km to safety
  2. U

    Pedestrian Safety Question

    Sorry not cycling but I didn't know who better to ask.... My son started secondary school this week and is walking by himself for the first time. He has a tricky road to cross and had a near miss from his rather unclear explanation this week. I went with him to the junction tonight so we could...
  3. G

    Helmet but not safety

    That got your attention. I'm thinking of buying a helmet but don't want to get started on protection or lack of offered by a helmet. My question is different. I currently wear a cap when out on the bike. I sweat. A lot. No really a lot. Would the airflow provided by a helmet help with this? It's...
  4. Domus

    Elf and safety mate

    I live about 100 metres from our local tip/recycling place. I have just changed the oil in the Caterham and walked over to dispose of the waste oil. I was stopped at the entrance and told in no uncertain terms that pedestrian access is no longer allowed due to elf an' safety. Not us he said...
  5. Blue Hills

    John Constable, inventor of the modern safety bicycle?

    Was in the National Gallery the other day fighting my way through cruising folks taking phone pics of the paintings (told one guy who I hadn't noticed who primly asked me to move that he should go and look at the paintings online) . Admiring constable's Salisbury Cathedral and Leadenhall from...
  6. Joey Shabadoo

    Health & Safety gone ... just gone

    Recently, a couple of factories my company supplies took on a new Health & Safety Manager. An ex-army Sergeant Major, this guy quickly became something of a terror. He insisted that my company fit safety guards on over 300 tools despite there being no recorded accidents with thousands of these...
  7. Phaeton

    Aversion to your own safety, would you use this?

    Picked up the angry grinder to find that it had a piece missing, would you have used it or changed the disc?
  8. Smokin Joe

    Advocacy & Cycling Safety, Missing?

    Maybe I've missed it on my search down the board, is it still here?
  9. snorri

    Cycling Safety

    A view from Finland Skip the first 30 excruciating seconds of this video. View:
  10. thenay

    Locking a Brompton

    Hello all, I finally got myself a 2nd hand Brompton, loving it so far. But today I found out that in the new workplace I won't be able to keep it indoors :/ There's a shed on site for staff to lock their bikes, but as you'd expect I'm very hesitant about locking mine, even if it may be safer...
  11. R

    Breakaway mudguard clips on bents

    Just been reading BettySwollox sad thread about breakaway mudguard clips. Was surprised to notice last year that my otherwise well-sorted Nazca Fuego had none on the front. Fortunately I had a pair in my bits box, and set about fitting them. This was not so easy, as the left hand stays have...
  12. snorri

    Safety blog from Finland.

    The same message in a slightly different form.
  13. Beebo

    It’s health and safety gone mad.

    Guess where I am. The council sucking the fun out of a rite of passage for everyone who ever visited.
  14. U

    Important safety check

  15. smokeysmoo

    [SOLD] Caterpillar Work Boots

    Listed on flebay HERE but as usual I'm always open to offers from CC'ers.
  16. Dogtrousers

    Better design of HGVs is key to improving safety for cyclists I don't have much background knowedge of this so I don't have any opinion but it seems an interesting article. In short London’s first walking and cycling commissioner Will Norman ... new...
  17. ColinJ

    Is this a 'Health and Safety' issue ...?

    ... an example of 'spot the braincell'? :wacko: ... or just someone with a secret death wish? :laugh: I stumbled across it while doing very important research on the Internet the other evening! :whistle:
  18. Cavalol

    1939 Harding Safety Cycle tricycle for sale.

    1939 Harding Safety Cycle tricycle Fascinating (to me, anyway!) bit of kit. Has one wheel drive and all three wheels are braked (more of that anon) I blew the tyres up, had a LBS free up the rear brakes and rode this about 1/4 mile, it was great fun but very hard work. Not having ridden a...
  19. snorri

    Police Scotland take odd stance on road safety

    The first two lines of this article are worrying, and it gets worse:sad:
  20. U

    Action cameras and safety

    The other day I was forced off the road by a lorry heading towards me on the wrong side of the road of an S bend. The lorry was travelling far too fast in what is a 70km limit, and I only manged to avoid it by tumbling the bike into the hedge. I was wearing the full high-visibility gear by the...
  21. colly

    'elf an Safety gorn mad

    My son spotted this example of why Heath and safety is a complete waste of time. Sandstone lintel, 100 + years old, long drop onto stone or concrete. What could possibly go wrong?
  22. kingrollo

    Are the safety stats misleading ?

    So what do we know:- In the uk about 100-120 cyclists per year are killed on uk roads There is a formula that calculates 1 cycling death per 2 million miles travelled (I think) Then there is the alarming figure of serious injuries while cycling - this is currently an upward trend about about...
  23. NickNick

    Do any of you have any knowledge of gas safety regs?

    Not sure if this is right bit of the forum for this question? We're in private rented property and for the first time the landlord used British Gas instead of one of his dubious workers to do the gas safety check and they've condemned the cooker (one of the burners goes out when on low setting)...
  24. SteveF

    HGV Safety Standard Certificate

    TFL are running a consultation on the above here: "We have undertaken research that shows that in 2015, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) were involved in disproportionately high numbers of fatal...
  25. PaulSB

    GPS Live Tracking for Safety Reasons

    I already own a Garmin 810 and Vivoactive HR and I'm aware I can use these for Live Tracking via Bluetooth and my iPhone GPS using Garmin Connect. This doesn't though meet my needs as both Bluetooth and GPS drain an iPhone battery quickly. I've reached the ripe age of 63, have an epilepsy...
  26. snorri

    A safety message for cyclists........

    ....on Twitter from the helpful people at the RFU.. RFU HomeTurf‏ @RFUHomeTurf 14h14 hours ago Replying to @RichmondCycling @nickmurison @LBRUT If cyclists take proper Highway Code safety precautions then they will be entirely safe.
  27. jefmcg

    Bus complaint letter and response

    I wrote: Subject: Complaint of a dangerous close pass of a cyclist, Route 81 towards Slough Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2017 To: CONTACTUS@TFL.GOV.UK <bus company is United, but their website directs complaints to TFL> On Tuesday 7 March at 4.34 pm, I was cycling west along Bath Rd heading into the...
  28. Spinney

    #TooCloseForComfort kickstarter

    Cycling UK have started a kickstarter campaign to raise £12 000 to buy 'safe passing mats' for police forces. Worth sticking in a tenner, or money wasted?
  29. mjr

    Is modern winter cycling clothing less safe?

    Has the move to ever-thinner technical fabrics meant that there's less padding when you crash in winter? I mean, I'm riding around on retro roadsters in a fleecy beanie, thick fleece jacket, thick jumper, lined trousers and sometimes thermals underneath, whereas others are in only thermal bibs...
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