Police Scotland take odd stance on road safety

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Hold my beer and watch this....

This deserves a slating from members of the public and safety campaigners.....

"All road users, particularly those in the vulnerable category, are encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety and to share our road space respectfully and responsibly too."

The article does go on to comment on pedestrian smombies (smart phone zombies) which is obviously a concern, but completely fails to mention that the biggest risk by far to vulnerable road users are the irresponsible users of motorised vehicles. The only comment is seemingly tagged on near the end where they half-heartedly say "We might also do some enforcement if we can be bothered"

Shockingly bad message from the Scottish Police!


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Im not agajnst the first two lines per se, but it should have continued..."and other road users are being asked to take extra care when encountering more vulnerable road users going about their lawful business."

I considered joint Grampian dibble when I left the army, but they seemed an odd lot.


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Given my experiences lately, I'm not really surprised.

It's a complete lottery whether you get a cop who understands what a close pass is, as most don't. I was told by one cop that a driver could pass as close as he liked until he hit me; only then would there be a "possible" offence to investigate.

I wish those WMP and Surrey Road Cop teams would do a national lecture circuit to other police areas on looking after vulnerable road users because the general attitude up here seems to be 'tough shoot'.


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" The increased use of new technologies, mainly smart phones, has increased the risks of road traffic distraction, for both drivers and pedestrians."

It may not be what they intended, and I could be accused of wilful misinterpretation, but what popped into my head when I read this was:

Vulnerable road users had better watch out because drivers these days are all more interested in their phones than they are in not killing you. Get used to it.​
same here.

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I was at the receiving end of a Scotland Police "safety campaign" a couple of years ago.
On a bright summer's morning (we do get a few ... some years) there I was, riding to work on a segregated path part of route 75, the officer flags me down to give me "advice".
Why don't I wear hi-viz, he asks?
I said, well, because it is the hight of summer, the sun is out, I'm on a cycle path? Besides, can you not see my shocking pink tee, it's more hi-viz than a hi-viz!
Him: ahhhh, but the drivers won't see you ... look at me, I'm wearing hi-viz ....


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Part of the response from the person in charge of the scheme/best placed to answer questions about it.

"The key purpose of the vulnerable road user campaign is to promote the safe sharing of joint road space and to highlight the road safety message that pedestrians and cyclists are equal road users with the same rights as motor vehicle drivers. Over the course of the campaign road policing officers deploy with the intention of;
  • Reducing the number of casualties resulting from road collisions and improve road user behaviour,
  • Interacting with vulnerable road users and drivers to raise awareness through education and enforcement,
  • Enforcing the core road traffic offences which contribute to road collision casualties.
Initiatives such as Operation Close Pass, a scheme designed to tackle the close passing of cyclists will operate during the campaign. As I have previously indicated the ethos of the campaign is to highlight that all road users require to assume an element of responsibility for their own safety and that of others."


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If that's the case, then why aren't they exhorting 4 wheeled road users to take extra care? They can't even backpedal properly.
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