1. kedab

    Someone point me at Scotland, please

    Yes fam! It's been time. Hope you're all well. I've just moved to Kirkliston in Scotland and could do with a much assist as possible regards roads, routes and journeys etc. Big hugs to you all. I've been away for quite some time.
  2. ianrauk

    Ireland, Scotland & England Tour

    Need some help good Cycle Chat Touring folk. A cyclist friend of mine is coming over from the good ol' USofA. He want's to do a 2 week tour taking in Ireland, Scotland and the North of Englandshire. I suggested to him a trip that starts in Dublin, rides up to Belfast then ferry to Scotland, the...
  3. SpokeyDokey

    Scotland <> England off road cycle route opened.

    Looks brilliant! (NB if this has already been posted on here and I have missed it; just report this post and I'll delete it.)
  4. HLaB

    Women's Tour of Scotland Highlights

    I missed this the other day and if you did too and want to see them there here:
  5. rualexander

    Women's Tour of Scotland

    The inaugural 3 day Women's Tour of Scotland has been on this weekend, unfortunately they chose the worst weekend for weather of the summer so far though. Not seen it mentioned on here yet. Coverage has been pretty limited but there are stage highlights videos on the Voxwomen website...
  6. snorri

    Gov't transport priorities favour cycling.

    I would like to say I am greatly encouraged to hear of this new found enthusiasm for cycling from the Scottish government, but can't help thinking..I've seen it all before...
  7. G

    Pedal for Scotland

  8. S

    Scotland West Coast Route Advice Please - Kilwinning to Glenluce.

    Scotland West Coast Route Advice Please - Kilwinning to Glenluce. I’ll be cycling between Caravan parks in the last week of May, from Kilwinning to Glenluce. I’m looking for some help / local knowledge on planning a my route A quick Strava route initially sends me through Ayr centre, is...
  9. snorri

    Safer Streets Bill (Scotland)

    There is concern that the Safer Streets Bill is needing our support in order to get it through parliament. I'm seeing the benefits in one town where the lower speed limit signs have already been unveiled. (Although I doubt if offenders would be prosecuted at this point!)...
  10. Aleksey-San

    Scotland Highlands and Hebrides. A couple of questions

    Hi all! I represent a group of five bicycle tourists from Russia and we are planning to travel in Scottish Highlands and Inner and Outer Hebrides within a couple of weeks in the first half of May 2019 mostly as wild campers on bicycles. Yes, we have got 5 XC/MTBs and 5 big pants-like rear bags...
  11. O

    Cycling Videos based on "Cycling Climbs of Scotland"

    I have been making 1080p videos (with gps files) of all the rides in a book called "Cycling Climbs of Scotland" by Simon Warren and other rides around West Lothian, I have made 10 so far. They all work well on BigRingVR and Kinomap and I am prepared to put them in full mp4 format on a cloud...
  12. flyingfifi

    Camping in Scotland

    Does anyone know any good websites for camping sites around Scotland :bicycle:
  13. Brandane

    Scotland end to end, 500 miles.

    For the information of @User9609 and anyone else who might be feeling charitable :okay:..... Starting on Saturday 8th September I will be attempting to (no, I WILL be...) riding from the south western point of Scotland at Mull of Galloway lighthouse, for the 466 mile route to John o' Groats...
  14. Col5632

    Scotland : Kingdom of Fife Scotland, it's been a while

    I only put Fife cause that's where I'm from :) I'm not exactly up to speed atm but would love to organise a ride some point soon before we get crappy weather again. Who still is on cyclechat and up for an outing?
  15. hoppym27

    Tour of/de Scotland Sportive Jerseys spotted on commute

    Whilst commuting in this morning (in my car, I always do Mondays in my car), I saw 3 riders sporting the above Jerseys...I was just curious about the event, was it this weekend?...were they badly lost (Im in Manchester).....Ive googled and not found owt
  16. snorri

    Police Scotland take odd stance on road safety

    The first two lines of this article are worrying, and it gets worse:sad:
  17. Globalti

    Scotland touring: the one-minute midgie challenge.

    This is excellent: View:
  18. U

    Route Advice Scotland

    I am doing a charity ride in the summer Can anyone tell me the best route to take that will miss out heavy traffic. I am starting in Balamory heading south to Brigadoon.
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